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Jill Richards

Jill enjoys experimenting with sewing, textiles and mixed media and is currently exploring mono printing with fabrics and on paper

Having been interested in sewing and textiles from a young age, I progressed through dressmaking, quilting

(I have a stash of fabrics to use up!) and onto mixed media art and am now exploring mono printing methods with acrylics on fabrics and paper.  My artistic journey has often changed course as I have tried out new mediums and experimented with new ideas, endeavouring to develop my own style.

I am mainly self taught but have learnt from other artists along the way.  The beginnings of my textile art journey began when I lived on the West Coast and belonged to "The Way Out West Textile Art Group." 

We set each other challenges and critiqued each other’s work and exhibited – a valuable time and learning experience.  I have also attended a five day workshop with collage artist Joan Schultz from San Francisco.  She incorporated some great techniques into her class such as collage, mono printing and photo transfer techniques and I was hooked!  I also like to incorporate  free motion machine stitching and embroidery stitching into works where appropriate.

As a member of an art collective gallery, "Wall to Wall Art" in Nelson, I enjoy the involvement with other artists which gives me inspiration and motivation as well as a connection with my work to the general public.

Mailable art (6” x 4” fabric postcards) using all sorts of mixed media techniques have also been a large part of my work and have proven very popular with buyers.




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