Kris Ancog

Kris captures the emotions of untold yet familiar stories that are close to our hearts


I am a painter of meditative dreamscapes - a creative soul who never ceases to explore beauty that brings us peace and serenity. In my paintings  I aim to capture the emotions of untold yet familiar stories that are close to our hearts.

I draw inspiration from nature and use mixed media in building layers of paints on big canvases whilst incorporating textures to gradually reveal the world I wanted to create.

My life's purpose is to celebrate human connections. And my art is my special way of connecting with people, sharing with them my memories, perceptions and experiences of love, transcendence and vulnerability.


Kris Ancog is a New Zealand Artist and a registered nurse living in Sydney, Australia. He completed his Diploma in Creativity and Art at the Learning Connexion Art School (Wellington) in 2014 and exhibits extensively through major art shows in New Zealand. He is one of the selected artists to exhibit at The Other Art Fair - October 2019 Sydney edition.


Solo Shows:

Into Serenity - Matchbox Gallery, Wellington (2015)

Mysteria Lucis - Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington (2014)

Vespers - Emerald Cafe, Wellington (2013)


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