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Struan Macdonald

Struan's interest in wilderness scenes reflects a fascination with the natural world, communicating a sense of awe and reminds us that nature is precious

Struan is based in Little River on Banks Peninsula where he divides his time between painting and counselling. Painting has been a lifelong love of Struan's and after leaving school he attended drawing and painting classes at Southland Polytechnic. He began painting in oils soon after and over many years has developed his technique using this medium.

His work typically portrays remote, solitary scenes. Having lived most of his life in Otago and Southland, he continues to draw inspiration from Central Otago with it's craggy mountains and majestic skies. Fiordland is also an inspiration, with many works depicting the beech forests and rivers in the area.

For Struan, painting is a way to combine creativity with an interest in the outdoors and in tramping. Tramping trips inevitably become photographic journeys and a means to gather source material. His style of painting continues to evolve and recent years have seen a shift away from landscapes to focus more on wilderness. This interest in the wilderness reflects a fascination with the natural world, where modification by humans is less apparent. The paintings are intended not only to communicate a sense of awe of the natural environment, but also to stimulate gratitude reminding us that nature is precious and requires our care to restore and protect it.

Struan's work can be viewed in person at Village Art in Little River or on his dedicated website

Contact Struan: hello@struanmacdonaldartist

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